Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 8 - Proof He Is His Father's Son

I hate to iron. I avoid it at all costs and buy my clothes accordingly. Hubby on the other hand -  likes to iron. So of course I snagged him up!! hubby that cooks ad irons... hello!! Score one for the lassie. Along comes leprechaun number 2. He is obsessed with ironing. He even got a toy iron for Christmas last year but now he has moved on to bigger and better. Now he will only use the real iron. This morning he was ironing all his clean clothes - even his pajama bottoms! Yep, so my husband's child.


Jes said...

I have to say that is funny, and hard for me to imagine Lep #2 sitting still long enough to iron. He will make a great hubby too.